Let‘s stay healthy with a cup of green tea!

Dear our valued customers,

A Happy New Year! This is the first Newsletter in 2024. We hope you are doing well.
Kagoshima Seicha held a New Year’s greeting ceremony at the first week in January, where everyone came together exchanged New Year’s greetings directly. It was great to be able to get together and share the happiness to be able to welcome 2024 with face to face.

Now, it would be the time to make the new year’s resolutions or wishes. What did you all wish for this year? We often wish for peace, health, and happiness not only for ourselves but also for those around us, also all over the world. Health is one of the basic to bult the life happy.
During the New Year holidays, Oshogatsu in Japanese, people often get together especially among family and relatives. As for the greeting gift, tea would be a great option. This is because for Japanese, tea is often used for everyday drinking, and it is appreciated for all ages for a health. Also, at the New Year holidays season, sharing one pot of tea might be enjoyed at the cozy time to relax together at the special occasion for family gathering.

\Let‘s stay healthy with a cup of green tea!/

While colds are going around in a winter season, green tea is said to be effective in preventing it. As you may know, the catechin is the component that gives tea bitterness and astringency. But at the same time, it has a particularly strong antioxidant effect and works to stop active oxygen in our body. Therefore, it works to maintain the body’s immunity, and told that drinking green tea is preventing the diseases such as influenza and colds.

As we begin the new year, we would be happy if we could introduce and deliver our tea in Kagoshima, with hoping of everyone’s good health and sharing the happiness through the year 2024. Thank you for reading.