Corporate Profile

Create possibility by protecting the tradition.
Always looking at the future surrounding the tea.


“Desire to be a teahouse loved for a long time.”
For this reason, our employees have joined together with the growers, with “SINCER SERVICE” being our motto, for 130 years since establish. Selecting excellent tea from the “Kagoshima tea” grown in our warm climate, we blend and process the teas to offer a tea with a mellow but deep flavor.

Good raw material is not made in a day.
It’s possible because the producers spent many years managing the tea farm, starting with soil cultivation.
And our gratitude is immense for the generations of farmers who continued to cultivate tea, and the seniors in this day who are striving to further make the tea even more delicious.
Tradition means to pass along good things through the ages, and these good things will also change according to the times.

And we will continue to make tea that is required by the times.
From the old days of eternity, tea has widely been enjoyed and drank because of the various precisely because there are various positive effects that tea has.
We would like to provide good and quality and comforting products that will heal the mind and body for a happy everyday life filled with tea.

Company information

Founded August 1947
Capital 49 million yen
Representative President Hiroyuki Mori
Employee Male 51, Female 75 people, Total 126
Business Green tea re-processing, wholesale and retail sale
3-11 Nanei, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan 891-0122
Packing & Distribution
6-26 Kinko-cho, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan 892-0836
Direct sales Birouen Tea
Headquarters Kinko Packing&Distribution