Raw ingredients

In order to always deliver high-quality tea to our customers, we carefully select choice ingredients, and the farmers also strive day-to-day by studying to make better tea leaves.


The source of good tea is high-quality tea leaves.
Because there are farmers who deliver their thoughts diligently every day to the trees, refined tea will be born to be loved and drank.

There are two purchase methods

1. Contract farmers

The teas are purchased from contract farmers with whom we have built years of trust relationship. From tea cultivation to tea, we brainstorm each other’s needs and wisdom. We also hold study sessions with the farmers where we study and hone our knowledge about the newest tea cultivation methods and tea processing to improve quality.

2. Tea market

It is purchased during the seasonal times when teas are daily available on the tea market. It is tough doing deals during the busy period as over 1,500 tea leaves are available on the market. Our once-in-a lifetime chance meeting with the ideal tea leaves is incredible. The timing to spot a good leaf and taking the plunge to purchase it is very important.

What is the most important no matter which method is used to purchase tea leaves is to feel the glow of the tea leaves. That you purchase the tea leaves without missing out on the shifting season.
There is a season for each variety and producing area, and there is a perfect time to pick the tea, depending on the tea field. By honing our five senses, we search for the perfect tea that we want to cherish from all the dried tea leaves.


Holding study sessions

We learn about improving quality and safety by exchanging opinions between the producers.

Holding study sessions

Holding quality fairs

We hold contests for our producers so they can encourage each other to produce better tea leaves.

Holding study sessions

Introduction of producers

  • Yoshihide Take

    Take-chaenYoshihide Take

    Yoshihide Take

    We have been in the tea business for 55 years from the time of my father. We cultivate Yutakamidori, Saemidori, Yabukita and such varieties of tea. Ei-cho is famous for the temperature differences during the day and night and is fog prone and early harvest.

    Our best feature is tree vigor. In order to maintain the vigor of the tea trees we cut the branches once every 4 to 5 years, but we do that every year. We placed first in the Kagoshima Delicious Tree Grand prix, and many other contests. We have received the ISO9001 certificate for our factory. We put our strength into not only managing the tea plant, but also manufacturing to create high quality products.

    Yoshihide TakeYoshihide Take
  • Koushi Maeda

    Maeda SeichaKoushi Maeda

    Koushi Maeda

    We were founded in 1933 by my grandfather. Our fields are located in the historic riverside land and cultivates Yabukita, Saemidori, Yutakamidori and such reasonable teas. We have implemented frost management and have substantially reduced pesticides and made moves to protect the environment. Awarded the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award, and Kagoshima Prefecture Keizairen Chairman’s Award. I have always loved to make tea and have never felt that it was hard work but I am bothered a few times every year from the ash fall from Sakurajima. We try to develop tea that can be safely drank by children as well.

  • Kenji Tofuku

    Kirishima Chuo SeichaKenji Tofuku

    Kenji Tofuku

    40 years have passed since I got into the tea business. In the Kirishima tea fields where the temperature difference between day and night that is suitable for fragrant tea leaves, with organic compost such has grass and cow dung, we grow 100% non-pesticide Yabukita, Okumidori, Saemidori, Asanoka and 12 other varieties. Because we are completely organic, non-pesticide cultivation, what troubles us is the production cost because of this style of cultivation. Even with that, we give consideration to safety first, and would like to provide delicious tea to people overseas as well.

    Kenji TofukuKenji Tofuku
  • Shinichi Taruno

    Taruno SeichaShinichi Taruno

    Shinichi Taruno

    We were founded in 1951 by my father, and my family has been involved in the tea industry for about 60 years. The tea fields located in Shibushi Ariake-cho has been the location of land readjustment, and mass production is possible because mechanization has been realized. Since it is also less susceptible to the influence of wind and flood damage, we are able to sustain reasonable price for Yabukita, Yutakamidori, Okumidori and such tea leaves. Always being aware of the consumer, we take great consideration towards safety and security, carefully making tea.

    Shinichi TarunoShinichi Taruno