How to make cold brew green tea.

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After the rainy season, summer is really coming to Japan. For this season, people prefer to drink something cold in Japan. With this letter, we wish to share recommended cold brew green tea and how to make it.

Actually, you can taste with a sweet and strong umami component by brewing it with cold water.

\Why is cold brew sweet?/
The secret is the relationship between the kinds of components contained in tea and the temperature of the water. Theanine, which is for sweet, umami taste is almost the same extraction rate regardless of temperature. On the other hand, catechins and caffeine, which is for astringent and bitterness, their extraction depends on the water temperature. At high temperature they will get extracted quickly, but at lower temperature lower extraction rate. Therefore, by brewing it with water, you can taste the mild and mellow flavored tea.

Of course, taste depends on personal preference, some type of tea would be preferred brewed with high temperatures, moreover, it is said that the ideal hardness of water is 30 to 80ppm. However, by brewing with low temperature, it is also low in caffeine, so it is recommended to drink to rehydrate or taking before sleep.

\How to make Cold Brew Tea./
The recommended method is to make it in a large jar and brew it in the refrigerator for a long time.

  1. Prepare tea leaves to a big jar, suggest for 1 litter / about 10g tea leaves.
  2. Brew and keep it in a fridge for 1-2hours. Also recommended overnight which is extracted well!
  3. Voila! If you stir gently, the taste will be even.

We recommend you to try not only sencha but also hojicha, and black tea, or citrus, apple, and mint will be great as a garnish.

Currently, in the tea fields, farmers are struggling with weeds and managing the tea fields even in the hot humid temperature. We would like everyone to stay hydrated, be careful of heat stroke, and be healthy. Thank you for reading.