The rainy season has begun in Kagoshima.

Dear our valued customers,

I hope you are doing great.
In Kagoshima, the rainy season has begun, a time of year when rarely have sunny day.
Recently, there were several days with heavy rainfall, which made commuting to work or school very difficult.
When you hear the rainy season, it doesn’t sound like a good thing, but this rain helps us to have water sources, and the sound of the rain dripping is said to have a relaxing effect.

What happens in the tea fields at this time of year?
At this time of year, the second harvest is taking place, following the first harvest.
Harvesting takes place even in the rain. Tea leaves that are very wet from the rain and tend to stick together, so they may be dried using a dehydrator. Wet tea leaves may also have difficulty steaming, so the amount of steam and steaming time may be adjusted.
As such, tea fields require various adjustments to suit the weather at any given time, and it is thanks to the farmers’ solid response that we are able to deliver delicious tea to everyone.

During the hot and humid rainy season, why not refresh yourself with the aroma of green tea?
During this time, cold-brewed tea is also recommended, as it has a relaxing and stress-reducing effect.
Thank you for reading. We hope you have a happy rainy season with delicious tea.