Hello from Kagoshima.

Dear our valued customers,

Hello everyone. We hope you all are doing great!

Here in Kagoshima, the temperature is gradually rising, and although the sunlight is sometimes strong, it is a very pleasant season. New teas are being completed one after another and are already well received in Japan. We are doing our best to deliver delicious fresh tea.

In Japan, there are many holidays and events in May. One of these is called Golden Week, a large consecutive holiday. During this holiday, many people return home or go on trips.

There is also an event called Mother’s Day in May. This is an event that is held not only in Japan but all over the world.

Our company’s stores in Japan sold specially packaged sencha tea as a Mother’s Day gift.
We hope that every mother who got our tea could take a break and relax.

We work hard every day to bring this relief to not only mothers, but people all over the world. As you probably know, green tea is said to have a relaxing effect. Theanine, a component found in green tea, is said to have stress-reducing and healing effects.

This substance called theanine is the main component of the taste that you feel when you drink tea. In addition, theanine is more abundant in tea leaves that are exposed to less direct sunlight, and in other words, tea leaves that are grown under cover, such as Gyokuro, contain more theanine.

When you’re busy and hectic, why not take a little time and relax with hot green tea and nice music.
I’m sure you’ll be able to relax and work better afterwards!

Have a wonderful day everyone!