Shincha season has started in Kagoshima.

Dear our valued customers,

Happy New Harvest!
We hope you are doing well. Finally, here in Kagoshima, it has started the New Harvest,Shincha season!

In fact, at the end of last month, the tea fields inspection tour was held to see and check how Shincha is growing. Thanks for the conversation between the farmers face to face, we were able to hear about the situation of harvesting this year’s tea. Also, it was an always great opportunity for the employee from various departments to visit and learn about tea from the farmers directly.

On the 4th April, the 2024’s first trades for Shincha started in 2024. At the tea market, so many kinds of tea which was manufactured as Aracha semi-finished tea, is gathered from various places mainly southern part of Kagoshima prefecture.

\How’s the Tea Market going?/

The number of items on the market varies from day to day. It depends on the weather, the regions where comes from south to north, also kinds of tea leaves early or late variety. While the peak season the market starts from 7:30, it gathers about 1,000 to 1,500 items per a day. From among these, our purchasing teams determines the quality of tea by its color, aroma, weight, water color and taste, and then bid on the tea. After that, that tea is stored and manufactured with blending and roasting as Shiagecha, refined tea a finished tea then packed as the products.

We are looking forward to delivering our tea from Kagoshima to all over the world from now on.

P.S. Thank you for all those who visited to Natural Product Expo West and World Tea Expo in US. It was such a great time to have tasted our tea and talk with. Thank you for reading.