Management philosophy



We would like to contribute to society by conveying the wonderful Japanese culture through tea.


We will continue to provide products that delight our customers.
In order to achieve this, we will:

  1. Make an environment where our employees are content to work in, and pursue the happiness of each employee by committing ourselves to their skill development and life welfare.
  2. We aim for mutual prosperity with all collaborators, including shareholders and business partners.


  1. We will deliver safe and reliable products to our customers and contribute to the realization of a healthy society.
  2. We will, in order to satisfy our customers, deepen our coordination pipeline for the food chain to the producers, and mutually provide information.
  3. We will have all our employees recognize the importance of hygiene management, and strive to improve their knowledge on food safety
  4. We will structure a food safety management system based on FSSC22000, strive to always make improvements including in our manufacturing/sales factories in order to manufacture and sell safe and secure products.
  5. We will only deal with parties who comply with relevant laws and regulations.
    In addition, we will observe the following matters.

    1. Kagoshima Seicha Co., Ltd., will appropriately play a role in the food chain.
    2. Will conform to statutory and regulatory requirements and the food safety requirements mutually agreeable to our customers.
    3. Transmit the policy to all levels within the company, and will make sure it is performed or maintained.
    4. For the continuation of adequate management system, this policy will be reviewed during management review.
    5. We will conduct appropriate internal and external communication.
    6. We will set possible decision goals for each department, and then expand the policy.