We will propose a fun life with tea, and provide a service that will delight our customers.


We sensitively capture the needs, and totally produce what the times demand.

To provide products that meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, we do everything from development, production and packaging, so we can deliver safe and delicious tea from Kagoshima to the world.

  • Wholesale sales

    Kagoshima Seicha tea is shipped as a tea product by processing high-quality tea leaves and dried tea leaves purchased from contract farmers and tea markets at our own factory, and used as ingredients for various products for various companies.

  • Product development

    We actively work to develop new products that meet the needs of the market; we are also focusing on organically grown tea as well as healthy high-performance green tea.

  • Manufacturing

    Considering the brand image and target, we will select the most appropriate tea leaves, and we will custom-make original products that will respond to diversifying consumer preferences.

  • Packaging/Packing

    In order to enrich the daily life with tea for the consumers, we work on packaging starting from the design, so that it will be fun to the eye, making the consumer want to reach out for the product.


Product manufacturing flow

  • Receive dried tea leaves

    1- Receive dried tea leaves

  • Blending dried tea leaves

    2- Blending dried tea leaves

    In the first process, dried tea leaves purchased from contract farmers and the tea market are sorted and classified into tea varieties, production are and usage. The teas are blended so the quality is uniform for each lot.

  • Removing metal with magnets

    3- Removing metal with magnets

    Foreign matter such as metal pieces are removed using a strong magnetic force of 12,000 gauss and such.

  • Storage

    4- Storage

    Blended dried tea leaves are stored in refrigerated warehouses with temperatures below -18°C to prevent quality deterioration.

  • Process & finishing machine

    5- Process & finishing machine

    To adjust the shape, the tea leaves are run through several sieves, cut, stems removed and powered tea removed.

  • Removing metal with magnets

    6- Removing metal with magnets

    MForeign matter such as metal pieces are removed using a metal detector.

  • Drying with heat

    7- Drying with heat

    The tea leaves are roasted to the ideal depth suitable for the season, or according to the customer requests to pull out the full depth of the aroma and taste of tea.

  • Metal inspection and removal of foreign bodies

    8- Metal inspection and removal of foreign bodies

  • Final tea blending

    9- Final tea blending

    The tea will be blended according to the consumer’s taste and stored. We will also package so that it will meet customer needs.

Handling service

  • Organically grown tea/US standards/EU standards

    Organically grown tea/US standards/EU standards

    Organically grown tea in Kagoshima Seicha meets the organic JAS standards.
    This is treated as equivalent to the USDA standards and EU standards, and is permitted to display the “organic” sign on the product in the United States.

  • Packing


    We will continue to carefully pack under strict quality control, every single bag so as not to impair the taste and aroma of the original tea.

  • Pesticide residue testing

    Pesticide residue testing

    Tea leaves that have been cultivated by contract farmers will first undergo pesticide inspection. Because the tea leaves are cultivated with care about safety, we conduct stringent quality checks at the commercialization stage as well.

  • TB manufacturing

    TB manufacturing

    We are manufacturing tea bags, a simple way to enjoy tea without compromising its flavor. Of course we are using carefully checked and selected tea leaves.

  • Bagging


    Because we are delivering our products to the customer, we will take the utmost care in bagging our products so that the appeal is not lost.